2018 – 2019 Associate Program Cohort Introduction

Hannah Scanlon

Hello Pleasantville Presbyterian Church! My name is Hannah Scanlon and I am originally from New Hampshire, although I’ve been living in New Jersey for the last three years attending Princeton Theological Seminary. I completed my studies in May, graduating with a Masters of Divinity. Before seminary, I received my Bachelors from Calvin College, in Grand Rapids, MI. Activities that give my heart joy include eating vegetables, reading the newspaper with coffee in the morning and
running in the woods.

I am very excited to be entering your community to serve and work with you. I particularly look forward to becoming a part of your Church in the way that Paul talks about the Church as a body. When Paul speaks of the Church as a body in Christ, he reminds us that the Church is the Church not because of the similarities, differences, sins or achievements of its members. The Church is the Church because Christ has first united Christ’s people in and through and to God with the power of
the Holy Spirit. It stuns me to know that my joining with you as a group of individual disciples of Christ who exist for each other in the common life of a local church, is a reflection of God’s wider work in the world – that is, his active bringing together of diverse peoples who compliment and help each other under the reign and love of God. As we spend time together, sharing in the practices that shape us as those who desire God’s Kingdom to come – participating in the Lord’s Supper, praying for each other and for the world, and confessing what we believe through worship and service – I hope to live in the light of God’s love with you in this place.

Katelyn Westervelt

Hi! My name is Katelyn Westervelt. I’m a 20 year old from Fairfield, Connecticut. I am currently a student at Norwalk Community College studying graphic design. At home I’m a member of the First Congregational Church in Wallingford, CT, where I have been part of their youth group for many years. I have also been involved in mission trips with them, taught 7th grade Sunday school, and co-ran junior high youth group for a year. I studied graphic design at Hope College in Holland, Michigan for six months, and loved being involved in the tech team for our chapel services. When I’m not working or studying, I love going on hikes, drives, and hammocking with friends. I believe in the church, the growth of the church, and the youth in the church. I find church an exciting and thought-provoking place to be, and by talking to the people involved in the Associate’s Program I can already feel the love and joy of this church and the people in it. I’m so thrilled to be starting on this journey with all of you and Hannah. See you all soon!

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