Electronic Giving or “E-Giving” contribution options have been added to our website. Why?

  • Some people no longer have check books, or carry little cash
  • Others want to give on a recurring basis without having to write a weekly, monthly or annual check
  • Automatic giving allows payments to be spread out over time, and payments continue when a person is away
  • It allows people outside our church area (web visitors, ASP contributors, etc.) to donate without using the mail
  • It allows your church to have a dependable stream of donations over the course of the year
  • Electronic donations will save our Sunday contribution counters and church office staff time

How to Set It Up

We use an outside service called VANCO SERVICES. This link takes you to our church’s donation page.

  • You’ll notice the page address includes “…”. This is a web site put in place for us by VANCO Services, a company that we are using to process requests. This site uses state-of-the-art security and encryption for your protection.
  • When you use it for the first time click the “Create Profile” button on the right side to set up your account. Save your personal password for future use
  • Follow the included instructions to set up your contribution and whether it be recurring or one-time
  • You can use a direct transfer from your bank account (preferred, and basically no fee to the church), debit card or credit card to make your donation(s)
  • You can use your computer or smartphone
  • You can make changes to your contribution and look at your E-giving donation history on-line

Don’t Want to Use a Computer?

Visit the church office to obtain an authorization form with which you can write in your donation amount and frequency and bank information. Sign it and give it to Jo Anna Tivnan. To make a change to a recurring donation just submit an updated form.

Give Online