Pleasantville Presbyterian Church

Creating the Future

“We meet you where you are.”

We are seeking three people with a variety of gifts and skills for a ten month position with the Pleasantville Presbyterian Church Associate Program.

Are you a seminarian, educator, or artist? Did you major in Communications, Non-profitbusiness, Theater, Psychology, English, Sustainability, Social work, Philosophy, or any other majors you see as related to this opportunity?

Are you looking for a chance to grow in a nurturing and collaborative environment?

Here is an opportunity to make a difference and help us create the future church—and explore what comes next for you.

We need your energy, your vision, you.

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About Us

Pleasantville Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) is a diverse, supportive, and joyful church. We are:

  • A community where people feel connected in both good times and bad
  • Committed to meeting people where they are and being open to seeing and serving all God’s children
  • Passionate about reaching out to people seeking spiritual connections
  • Driven to do all we can to serve Christ in the world—by caring for people in need, and sharing God’s love

Pleasantville Presbyterian Church is located in the village of Pleasantville, New York, a lively hamlet just 30 miles (48 minutes by train) from Manhattan. Enjoy numerousdiverse restaurants, a fine arts movie house, salons,coffee houses, a community theater, bakeries, an independent bookstore, parks, a supermarket, hiking, retail shops, and galleries just blocks from our church.

About the Program

You will participate in, learn about, and help shape our congregational ministry. In addition to working in your individual positions, you will collaborate with two other Pleasantville Presbyterian Church Associates Program staff and the congregation to create an evolving and fluid church experience. We are looking for creative and collaborative thinkers, makers, doers, people who dream.

Choose from our established positions or suggest a new one. We want to hear
about your vision.

Live with the other associates in a newly refurbished apartment just feet from the church. You will share a kitchen, living space and bathroom, and have your own private bedroom.

The program runs for ten months, from September through June. Each associate will be paid $180 a week for 30 hours of work. Hours will be established on an individual basis and will be flexible so that associates can explore other interests and job opportunities.

About the Benefits
  • 30 hours per week
  • Flexible schedule
  • $180 per week stipend
  • Two weeks paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Rent-free accommodations
  • Private bedroom
  • Lively town and train to Manhattan within walking distance

Associate Program Positions

Our goal is to create the future (both yours and ours) by engaging out of the box thinkers who are looking to explore their faith and passions. If you have a gift not listed here, please apply and propose a position. We are eager to create a vibrant diverse group.

Intergenerational Faith Development Associate

Work with our vital Christian Education programs helping us meet today’s children, youth, and adults where they are. Potential for creating curriculum, researching new sources, developing programming, and leading current intergenerational ministries.

Mission & Social Responsibility Associate

Work with our mission and justice ministries. Help develop and research future opportunities for the congregation’s growth. Explore and develop our current focus areas (Outreach to Immigrants, Poverty in Appalachia, Food Insecurity and Hunger, and Environmental Responsibility) at a deeper level.

Digital Connections Associate

Help us get our word out to local and distant neighbors and congregations. We currently connect with people beyond our walls through YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, and email. Our goal is to expand this digital ministry to reach more people on a regular basis.

Questions about the Program? Contact us!