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Preserve Our Property Campaign

Dear Members, Friends and Neighbors of Pleasantville Presbyterian Church,

God has provided a multitude of blessings for us at Pleasantville Presbyterian Church, and one of those special blessings has been our place and space. Our buildings are vital tools of our ministry. They give us a place to be the body of Christ together. Our church is visited by a thousand people each week – and in each of those visits, we have the opportunity to greet people with God’s love, meeting them right where they are.

We’re writing you because we believe it is time to make much-needed upgrades to our church buildings so that we might continue to thrive as a place for our community to find a welcoming presence. To that end, we’re kicking off a capital campaign to fund various renovations. We are counting on your thoughtful support.

Some of this work has already begun. Stained-glass windows and deteriorating window frames are being restored. The Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, which can get stifling hot in the summer, now have air conditioning. With additional money, we hope to install energy-efficient windows and generally modernize the Christian Education wing, paint the church, fix our ongoing water problems, and more (see the attached list for details).

Our goal is 100% participation in this Preserve Our Property Campaign so together we can meet an ambitious, four-year goal of $500,000. Yes, that’s a lot of money. But up to now, our plan has largely involved fixing whatever happened to break. (Given that the church was built in 1880, that’s a lot of fixes.) We believe it is essential to get ahead of emergency maintenance repairs with a strategy that looks to the future.

The money raised will safeguard the integrity of our four buildings: the Church, the Christian Education Building, the Carriage House and the Manse. We have done our due diligence by commissioning a building conditions survey by the Architect Stephen Tilly, recommending a full list of repairs and upgrades. We’ve prioritized them with attention to safety and infrastructure improvements that will reduce overall energy consumption and make us environmentally green.

Over the years, God has been calling people to work together to make this a special place, where people can find acceptance and love modeled and offered to all. We want to continue to be a place where people can find the changes in life they are seeking. We are so thankful for all the people who have constructed and maintained these buildings over the years. Now it is our turn. Please join us in supporting the Preserve Our Property Campaign—and our continued and essential role in our community by completing and returning the enclosed pledge form.

Blessings and Peace,
Pastor Debra J. Bronkema
and the Preserve Our Property Committee


About the Campaign

Pastor Debbie’s Kick-off Sermon for the Preserve Our Property Capital Campaign:

Peter Eschweiler presents an introductory overview to the Preserve Our Property Capital Campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Our History of Capital Improvements


Christian Education Building


Sanctuary Reorientation and Rehabilitation


Organ Repair and Enhancement


Sanctuary Roof




Fellowship Hall


Furnace Replacement


Sanctuary Roof


Church Foyer


Men’s Restroom Renovation


Women’s Restroom Renovation


Library Renovation


It’s Up To Us!

The Project Matrix as a Five Year Plan

The matrix below gives a summary level indication of the type of projects we will be undertaking, prioritized and spread out over the next five years. We have itemized the projects for the Church, the other buildings are similar – water infiltration, interior and exterior cosmetic upgrades, green initiatives, and building specific repairs.

All of these items were generated by the surveys performed by Steve Tilley, Architect & The Daylight Savings Company.


Gift Pyramid

Campaign Pledge Form

Download the Pledge Form or Submit your Pledge Online!

In support of our five-year capital program to preserve and enhance the beauty, livability and structural integrity of our Church, Christian Education Building, Carriage House and Manse, I/we pledge the following:

  • 2017 - PLEDGE
  • 2018 - PLEDGE
  • 2019 - PLEDGE
  • 2020 - PLEDGE
  • Total Pledge Over 4 Years

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Donate Now

You can fulfill your pledge or make a special donation through our eGiving portal, just select POP Campaign.