Looking into the Church’s Future – Conclusion

Late last year, Pastor Debbie and David Fourie led a listening session that aimed to look into the future of Pleasantville Presbyterian Church. Four sessions and 30 voices later, we are more inspired that ever to build the future of the church.

Below are a few of the ideas that came from the listening sessions:

  • Men’s ministries – starting with men’s breakfast
  • Radical Beauty Photography
  • Cooking Classes
  • Intergenerational programs & ministries
  • Caring for Creation
  • Associate / Intern Program

The Associate Program was one of the most unique and exciting ideas to come from the “looking into the church’s future” project.

Creating the Future: Associate Program

The Associate Program is an opportunity for young adults to live and work within a community, helping to build the church of tomorrow.

To our potential Associates: we will provide you an opportunity to grow in your faith and explore what’s next in your life. We know you are committed to making a difference through our Christian ministry and we want to support you utilizing your unique gifts and backgrounds to create an impact. Whether you are a seminarian, a communication major, an educator or an artists—whatever your skills—we hope you will bring them together to help us dream the next chapter of Pleasantville Presbyterian Church.

  • INTERGENERATIONAL FAITH DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE: Working with the vital Christian Education programs of the church, you will help us meet today’s children, youth and adults where they are. Maybe you will create curriculum or find and implement exciting resources. You could develop new programs and support current intergenerational ministries. With special attention to experiential mission and acts of compassion.
  • MISSION AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ASSOCIATE: Working with the church’s mission and justice ministries, you will help develop future opportunities for our congregation’s growth. We hope you will help us go deeper in some of the areas of mission and responsibility our congregation has a passion for, including: outreach to immigrants, poverty in central Appalachia, food insecurity and hunger, and environmental responsibility.
  • DIGITAL CONNECTIONS ASSOCIATE: Working with digital technology and our current Digital Connections Outreach, you will work collaboratively with our Digital Connections team to grow this modern ministry. We hope you will help connect with people beyond our walls. Whether that’s through YouTube, Facebook, Email Blasts (which we currently do, but could certainly do better) or something we don’t even know to consider, we want you to help us bring faith experience into the digital world.

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