Loaves and Fishes

The Loaves and Fishes program began in the Spring of 2016 as a Legacy Grant from the Hudson River Presbytery to address the issue of hunger in Pleasantville. The program began as a breakfast program for school aged children but quickly became much more.

Today we provide fruit for dozens of people a week through our building, as well as through ESL classes at the Methodist Church.Most of our energy is focused on providing supplemental food purchased through The Westchester Foodbank for several local families. In addition to running the Loaves and Fishes Program, Jane Wong, LCSW offers her services to the community as a Parish Social Worker.

We could always use your help. If you would like to volunteer for this mission, we can use food donations, help unloading the truck and packing food for distribution as well as occasional help with delivery. For more information contact Jane Wong.

If you need help, we hope you will reach out to us. Jane Wong is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and can help connect you with the services you need.